Citigroup Canada

Citigroup is a leading financial company with businesses in over 140 countries and some 200 million clients. The company offers the full range of financial services and products to governments, corporations, institutional clients, and private customers. These include credit and banking, investment and corporate banking, wealth management, transaction services, and security brokerage. Among the company’s brands are Citi Private Bank, Citi Investment Research, Citi Institutional Clients Group, Citibank, Primerica and others.

Citigroup Canada has had presence in the country over the last 50 years. The corporate and consumer customer base is extensive, with over six million company and individual accounts. The company has over 5,000 employees working in all provinces and Yukon. They offer financial solutions in investment and corporate banking, consumer finance, leasing, investment, credit cards, and private banking. Citigroup Canada bases its performance on four major principles. First, it aims to provide affordable and accessible banking services to Canadian citizens. Second, the company evaluates its impact upon the environment, making every effort to protect it. Third, Citibank creates positive relationships with its employees by encouraging good performance. Finally, the company is committed to facilitating the growth of small businesses.
Citibank Canada offers a variety of credit cards for everyone to choose from. These include no fee credit cards, store and reward cards, business cards, and low rate cards. The Citi MasterCard, for example, is a no fee card that comes with an interest rate of 19.99 percent on purchases and 22.99 percent on cash advances. The card is featured with 24/7 customer service, worldwide access to cash, Citi Price Protection, and MasterCard PayPass. The Petro-Canada Personal Credit Card is a store credit card which gives cardholders the opportunity to earn bonus points for every dollar they charge to the card. The card goes with 28.8 percent interest rate on purchases and cash advances.

The Citi Low Rate Gold MasterCard is a low rate credit card, as the name suggests. The card comes with an annual fee of $25 and interest rate of 12.9 percent on purchases and cash advances. The card is featured with emergency assistance service, MasterCard PayPass, extended warranty and purchase assurance, and Citi Price Protection. The business credit cards offered by Citi come in several varieties: Citi STAPLES easyRewards Business MasterCard, Home Depot Commercial Card, and Home Depot Commercial Revolving Card. The first credit card allows users to earn 1 percent on all purchases, regardless of the location. Card holders earn 2 percent on business expenses such as fuel purchases and car wash, utilities, internet and cable, etc. The card goes with an annual fee of $39 and interest rate of 19.99 percent on purchases/ cash advances.

Citibank Canada works in cooperation with the American Health and Life Insurance Company and the Triton Insurance Company, providing insurance products to its clients in all Canadian provinces, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon Territory. Among the featured insurance products are life insurance, personal contents insurance, involuntary unemployment insurance, and others.

At CitiFinancial, clients can take advantage of various home equity and personal loans, tailored to fit everyone’s personal requirements. The company offers bill consolidation, credit card payment protection, extra cash, and more.

The clients of Citibank Canada can also check its investment and corporate banking services, intended to offer total solutions. The company works with top-tier financial, corporate, and government organizations, offering local insight, coupled with global expertise. The products of Citibank Canada combine innovation and high quality. In Canada, Citigroup operates the following businesses: Global Transaction Services and Fixed Income, Global Relationship Banking, and Investment banking.