Primerica Canada

Customers who seek a reliable financial service company will be delighted to find that Primerica Financial Services guarantees the security of their finances. The company's main focus is on keeping families debt-free, protected, and financially independent. Here is an overview of the benefits and advantages that come with Primerica's financial products and services.

Brief History

Established by Arthur Williams in 1977, the company adopted the principle 'Buy term and invest the difference.' The market strategy of the company was to advice clients on purchasing life term insurances and save sufficient funding in order to invest in different instruments. At first, the company operated as a general agency and sold term life insurance packages that were underwritten by FAI.

Primerica's Dedication

Primavera operates mainly on the territory of the United States but in 1986, the company opened branches in Canada. Its agents started selling segregated funds and life insurances, together with securities. In 2000, Primavera commenced operations in Spain, under the name PriEuropa. To date, up to 4.3 million people have insured their lives with Primerica. The money the company provides for life insurance reached an astounding $80 million that were payable in the form of the insurances.

In terms of investment opportunities, Primerica Financial Services in Canada boosts around 2 million clients, with accounts maintained by the company. Mutual funds investments include Invesco, Pioneer investments, American Funds, Legg Mason Funds, and Franklin Templeton Investments.

In Canada, Primerica Financial Services employs close to 100,000 licensed representatives as of 2009. Also, Primerica services benefit claims on a daily basis, reaching $2.5 million.

What Primerica Financial Services Provide

Among the different services offered by Primerica Financial, customers can select among variety of options such as insurance packages, loans, and investment plans.

Customers may opt for the term life insurance which is a form of life insurance, providing coverage at a fixed payment rate. As reported, the company spends approximately $80 million on life insurance, with customers being guaranteed the level of security they require. Clients faced with considerable amounts of debt may take advantage of the debt consolidation loans offered by Primerica Financial Services. These loans come with lower interest rates and less pressure to pay off one's financial obligations. Funding is channeled through Citicorp Trust Bank, AGF Trust Company, and the Citibank.

Persons who look for an organized way of debt repayment may opt for the Primerica DebtWatchers program. With the strategies of debt repayment being planned, one can focus on earning and saving toward the payment of his or her obligations.

Primerica Financial Services offers to its clients financial security, be it for insurance or investment purposes. The company aims at providing quality services that help families and individuals meet financial challenges. Primerica concentrates on the middle-market, aligning the company's interests with the financial requirements and needs of its clients. Primerica Canada is part of Citigroup Canada.