Citibank Canada

Citibank Canada is the Canadian division of Citigroup of New York City. Citibank Canada was created in 1954 and it has its main office in Toronto. Citibank Canada has offices in most major Canadian cities - Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Citibank Canada offers various retail financial and banking services to its clients through phone and online banking.

Below are highlighted some of the banking, financial and insurance services that Citibank Canada offers to its numerous clients across the country. As to the organization of the Citigroup's business in Canada, it should be noted that it is based on the following pillars: Citibank Canada providing banking services, Citi Cards Canada issuing credit and debit cards to Citi's customers across the country, CitiFinancial which is dealing with financial advisory and asset management issues, Citi Global Markets that offers market analyses and investment advisory services, and the much debated Primerica Franchises.

Citibank Canada has adopted it as its main goal to provide its customers with affordable and accessible banking services of unprecedented quality. To its individual customers, Citibank Canada offers a set of integrated retail banking services including checking and savings accounts, bank deposit instruments, online and telephone banking, and online bill payment solutions.

Citibank bought Canada Trust's MasterCard business when Canada Trust and Toronto-Dominion Bank merged. Citi Cards Canada offers a wide variety of payment and credit services to its clients throughout the country. Being an official dealer of MasterCard for Canada, the bank offers silver gold and platinum credit cards, as well some more flexible payment solutions such as the Citi PETRO-POINTS MasterCard, the Citi STAPLES easyRewards Business MasterCard and the Citi Driver's Edge Platinum MasterCard. The Citi MasterCard is a no fee card that comes with 19.99 percent annual interest rate for purchases and 22.99 percent for cash advances. The Citi Low Rate Gold MasterCard is a low rate card with a 12.90 percent annual interest rate that may be used to finance large and medium sized purchases. The Home Depot Commercial Card is a business card with no annual rate and no interest on cash advances and purchases. Additional advantages are its customized and easy-to-read billing, low monthly payments, and the option to pay in full each month. The company is also working in close collaboration with their long-time partners Staples, Petro-Canada, and The Home Depot. On the other hand, the corporate clients of Citibank Canada may take advantage of their corporate and purchasing cards.

CitiFinancial offers premium financial advisory services, combined with flexible and convenient lending solutions such as mortgage plans, home equity loans, personal consumer loans, etc. CitiFinancial has developed a highly-personalized approach to each individual customer so as to meet his or her specific financial needs and goals. CitiFinancial also offers bill consolidation and credit payment protection solutions. In addition, the customers of CitiFinancial across Canada may take advantage of the convenient personal insurance products of the Triton Insurance Company and the American Health and Life Insurance Company. These include life and disability insurance, job-loss insurance, personal contents insurance, etc.

Canada's Primerica Financial Services, part of City Group, is one of the largest financial services marketing organizations in the country, with more than 9,500 licensed representatives. The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. The range of Primerica's products and services encompasses principally term life insurance, mutual funds and other financial products. Citibank Canada is a member of the Canadian Bankers Association and of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.