Mortgage Calculator - Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Our Mortgage Calculator is a free mortgage calculation tool, which can be used by Canadians to determine the monthly payments of their mortgage. The mortgage calculator has four inputs:

  • Property Price - This is the price you'll be paying for the property you are buying.
  • Down Payment - This is the amount of money you are putting down towards the property purchase.
  • Interest Rate - This is the mortgage annual interest rate.
  • Term - This is the term of your mortgage in years or how long it will take you to fully repay your mortgage to the bank.

Important Notes

  • This mortgage calculator assumes that your mortgage interest rate is constant during the entire term of the mortgage.
  • The mortgage calculator compounds the interest rate payments monthly.
  • This mortgage calculator is not intended to provide investment advice and can be used for educational purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this mortgage calculator and you should not rely on it alone for estimating your mortgage payments. If you need financial advice please consult qualified financial adviser.