Canadian Financial Calculators

Canadian Banks is pleased to offer you several free Canadian financial calculators, which can help you explore your financial alternatives. Credit, debt, investing and finance play an ever increasing role in the life of almost every Canadian and the need for sound financial education today is greater than ever. Our Canadian Financial Calculators will give you the opportunity to estimate various loan payments, which can help you manage your finances better.

Our first and most popular financial calculator is the Canadian Mortgage Calculator, which you can use to determine what will be your monthly mortgage payments. Another useful calculator is the Canadian Loan Calculator. You can use it to get an idea how much will be your loan payments and how much you will be paying in total interest. The loan calculator can be used for most types of loans, for example for a car loan. Our Credit Card Payment Calculator, comes very handy in case you have credit card debt and you want to find out how quickly can you get rid of it.

The 3 financial calculators described above deal with one or another type of loan. However if you are a saver and you want to estimate the value of your savings at some point in the future, then our Savings Calculator is what you need. This calculator will estimate how quickly your savings will grow over a period of time, given your expected yearly return on your savings.

We will be adding new free financial calculators to our website very soon, so make sure you have this page bookmarked for future reference. If you find our financial calculators useful, please link to them and let your friends know about them.