TradeFreedom is a part of Scotiabank investment brokerage, which also incorporates Scotia iTrade and ScotiaMcLeod Direct Investing. The latter is also known as Scotia Discount Brokerage.

TradeFreedom offers low commissions, strong trading platforms, easy ordering, and excellent information and research tools. Other services and advantages are a choice of account types, easy transfer of funds, a top-notch research center, and various tools and resources. Commissions start at $6.99 flat. TradeFreedom offers three advanced trading platforms and an interaction website. The platform you choose depends on your concrete trading and investing style. RRPS accounts feature no annual fee and no requirement for minimum balance. You can receive the latest news and analyses from the state-of-the-art analyst research centre of the organization, featuring research from Scotia Capital, Reuters, and other renowned establishments. You can move funds quickly between your trading and other bank accounts, regardless of whether they are denominated in Canadian or US dollars. The establishment offers seminars and web-based events organized by professionals in the industry, in which you can take part. Account applications are made online.

TradeFreedom places major emphasis on safety and security. Clients are guaranteed reimbursement in full if it so happens that they suffer losses incurred through unauthorized activity in their accounts, no matter how unlikely this is. Of course, you must fulfill your security and safety responsibilities to be eligible for reimbursement.

Clients can open different types of accounts depending on their financial requirements. Margin CAD and USD accounts offer the opportunity to sell securities short and trade options. Short-selling CAD and USD accounts are intended for clients who want to sell stock when a stock price decrease is anticipated. Options CAD and USD accounts allow clients to choose from a variety of option strategies. These include spreads, long and short straddles, selling uncovered puts and calls, selling covered call options, as well as buying put and call options. Locked-in retirement accounts are also offered, allowing clients to transfer funds from retirement plans or pension funds to such accounts. Funds can be withdrawn only upon retirement.

Finally, self-directed RRSP allow customers to hold a variety of RSP-eligible investments such as options, mutual funds, and equities. Clients can choose to consolidate various aspects of their RSP investing, such as income and dividend collection, transactions, and contributions. Self-directed RSPs come with choice, convenience and flexibility and are good for investors who want to have control over their retirement saving investments. At the same time, they enjoy tax deferral benefits.

The organization has been providing investors and traders with advanced online brokerage services, trading products, tools, resources, support, and training since 1999. It boasts the lowest commission fees on the market, as well as no account fees and no monthly trade minimums. State-of-the-art trading tools include instant trade through free streaming real-time data, direct access to exchanges and choice of customizable desktop or an advanced web trading platform. These tools are especially beneficial in terms of online equity trade. Clients are provided with charting, quotes and news in real time, advanced technical analysis, market and index view. Other tools include positions and account management in real time, intelligent automatic order routing, symbol search, and multiple language support. You can also benefit from open and closed position tab, time and sales box, market view with several lists (up to 100 symbols), screen customization, and excel compatibility.

Features of option trading include options chains, quotes, order confirmation, positions and account management in real time. Multiple accounts can be opened. Market view and multiple language support are also available.