Scotia Capital Inc

Scotia Capital traces its history back to 1832 when its parent company, The Bank of Nova Scotia, was founded. Scotiabank enjoyed much success and eventually acquired McLeod Young Weir, a top brokerage firm based in Toronto. By November 1995, ScotiaMcLeod decided to take advantage of the capital markets specialization of The Bank of Nova Scotia and created Scotia Capital Markets. Four years later, further integration processes with Scotia Capital Markets division resulted in the establishment of Scotia Capital.

The company has identified five core values to help meet its clients requirements. According to Scotia Capital, these are integrity, respect, commitment, insight, and spirit. As a result, the company has received several corporate rewards. It was named the Best Investment Bank in Canada by the Global Finance in 2009 and 2010. The bank was also given three Global Top Gun Banker recognitions in 2009.

Scotia Capital combines the functions of both, banking and capital markets. In essence, it operates two main business units: the Global Corporate and Investment Banking and Global Capital Markets. In Canada, Scotia Capital offers a full range of products and services available to clients residing in Canada and Mexico while in the United States, Europe, and Asia, select operations are offered.

The Global Corporate Investment Banking unit offers products and services that focus on financing and client base development. The company provides corporate banking, equity capital markets, investments, mergers and acquisitions, and infrastructure finance. Aside from these services, the financial entity has location-specific services such as U.S. Corporate, Mexico Wholesale, and Europe Corporate.

In addition to these instruments, the Global Capital Market unit works with corporate and investor clients outside of Canada through product specialists who specialize in derivatives, fixed income, equity, and foreign exchange. The company even engages in the sale of precious metals and trading operations that take place in New York, London, Dublin and Asia. Research plays a special role in the operations of Scotia Capital. Scotia Capital specializes in corporate debt, lending, mergers and acquisitions, foreign exchange markets, derivatives and precious metals trading. The Canadian division of Scotia Capital Inc. is called Scotia McLeod. The precious metal trading division of Scotia Capital called Scotia Mocatta is a top player in the precious metal trading markets worldwide. In Canada, the entity has a full coverage of the Canadian market in terms of research. Scotia capital has established a special group that focuses on and analyzes the Canadian fixed income market through daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Another of its research capabilities is its SC Online, an online service that gives clients an access to current news, commentary, and analysis. Scotia Capital is operating around the globe at 19 locations in key cities, including its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Branches in Canada are situated in Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Clients outside of Canada are serviced at their respective local branches. In the United States, offices are located in Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, and San Francisco. Mexico has branches of Scotia Capital in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey while the European units operate in Dublin and London. Other branches of Scotia Capital are found in the Bahamas, Hong Kong, Singapore, and San Paulo. These units specialize in the management of corporate, government, and client relationships.