TD Securities

TD Securities is the investment banking division of TD Bank. TD Securities has over 3,000 employees worldwide with offices in 18 cities including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, London and Tokyo. TD Securities is one of the top North American investment dealers, but also maintains significant presence in Europe and Asia.

TD Securities provides a variety of financial services to corporate, government and institutional clients in Investment Banking, Foreign Exchange Markets and Debt Capital Markets.

In Canada, TD Securities is one of the top advisors to entities undergoing mergers and acquisitions. The investment banking department of TD Securities also offers standard investment banking services, such as raising capital and financial advisory products. The firm has a strong presence in mezzanine capital markets, having completed twenty-five transactions, the value of which totals in excess of one billion dollars.

The foreign exchange desk of TD Securities is a prominent dealer in Canadian dollar contracts. These contracts are traded both domestically and in foreign markets. The desk sponsors dollar products in the US, Europe and Asia. It also is beginning to stake a significant claim through a growing franchise in Australian and New Zealand dollars and the Mexican peso.

A large and well-known feature of the firm is its fixed income investment operations, which have flexible structures and are respected for providing both advisory services and an execution desk. Corporate and government debt is traded by the fixed income division, and investors have access to some of the best income rates for institutional investors.

The fixed income division offers bonds issued by the government of Canada, government agencies as well as crowns, provincial and municipal bonds, inflation-linked bonds and corporate bonds. TD Securities also trades in asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, and commercial mortgage-backed securities. The division also carries out research for governments around the world seeking to raise capital by issuing bonds to capital markets. Due to its strategic position in many emerging and established markets, it offers customers the ability to engage in leveraging across markets in order to exploit differences or inefficiencies.

TD Securities is a robust firm with worldwide holdings and interests, making it a diversified financial company that has a strong base. Investors have access to some of the finest expertise in Canada and worldwide through its many local brokerage firms and banking branches.