TD Asset Management

TD Asset Management is one of the leading and best reputed investment management firms on the territory of North America. The company is part of the Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group, which also includes TD Canada Trust, TD Waterhouse, TD Advisor and TD Economics. The company has numerous clients in Canada and around the world, ranging from pension funds and corporations through state institutions and endowments to various foundations and high net worth individuals. To its diverse clients’ base, TD Asset Management offers a wide variety of flexible and very convenient investment management options, including private wealth and retail mutual funds management.

To individual clients, the highly professional team of TD Asset Management offers specially-tailored investment portfolios that are designed to meet the individual investment needs and objectives of every customer, depending on his or her specific level of risk tolerance. TD Asset Management is the right choice of every budding private investor, as the company’s devoted team takes care of all day-to-day issues regarding the management of the investor’s portfolio. The team does its best to keep him or her fully informed about the achieved results or possible risks. Assets are reviewed and monitored in view of the clients objectives on a regular basis. Private investors include medium size and small business entities, charitable organizations, foundations, and private persons. The company manages about $14 million CDN on behalf of its private investor clients’ base. In addition, TD Asset Management takes care to monitor and adjust the investment portfolios of its individual customers to the constantly changing conditions on the global market, so that they could bring the highest possible yield to their holders.

It has been estimated that TD Asset Management manages a total of fourteen billion CAD on behalf of individual customers, foundations, NGOs and charities and SMEs.

Among its other investment products, TDAM offers more than sixty mutual funds and twenty five different types of portfolios to meet the investment goals and objectives of every customer. For its institutional clients, the devoted team of TDAM has developed a special investment platform that boosts their business performance and helps them assess possible investment risks. Being the undisputed leaders on the investment management market in North America, the professionals of TD Asset Management have developed a special approach to their clients, which aims at always staying close to them and working to understand and meet their specific short and long term investment goals and objectives. As a result of this unique approach, the company is always ready to provide its institutional clients with highly-efficient strategic investment solutions. These include segregated account management, liability driven investment, transition management services, portable alpha funds, absolute return funds, currency and asset mix overlay, passive pool fund strategies, etc.

The success of TD Asset Management on the North American markets lends itself to a great extent to the human factor – the company has more than seventy top-class portfolio managers, finance experts and market analysts, and thirteen of Canada’s best institutional relationship managers.