TD Waterhouse

TD Waterhouse is a key business entity of Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD). This bank, as well as its subsidiaries is known as the TD Bank Financial Group. The TD Waterhouse brand came to existence when TD Canada Trust purchased the US discount brokerage called Waterhouse Securities. The TD Waterhouse brand was marketed in Canada (where it replaced the Greenline brand), US and UK.

In 2003, TD started discussions on the merger of Waterhouse with E Trade. The aim was to create the second biggest discount brokerage in the United States. However, no agreement was reached, and E Trade made an offer to Ameritrade, another large discount broker. Ameritrade was eventually purchased by TD Waterhouse, with TD holding 39 percent of the shares. TD merged its US brokerage activities with Ameritrade under the new brand of TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade specializes in services for US investors, including active trader programs, long-term investor strategies, and a national network. It also maintains relationships with one of the biggest networks of individually registered investment counselors and advisors. The headquarters of TD Waterhouse Canada are located in Toronto, Canada. As part of a big company, it has access to a total network of 74,000 employees all over the world. Other than TD Waterhouse, which focuses on wealth management, the TD Bank Financial Group has three other areas of specialization: Canadian business and personal banking, wholesale banking, and US Personal and Commercial Banking.

TD Waterhouse offers investors and financial advisors in different parts of the globe a wide range of consumer financial services and products such as brokerage, banking, and mutual funds. In Canada, TD Waterhouse is composed of different divisions that deal with particular areas.

One of these is the TD Waterhouse Discount brokerage. This focus allows clients to gain access to information and tools designed to support them in the process of investment. TD Waterhouse also operates the TD Waterhouse Private Client Services, which includes the service of private investment advice. This unit is a full-service brokerage for investors who want customized advice and guidance from a seasoned investment investor. For high net worth customers, there is the TD Waterhouse Private Investment Counsel which helps gain access to discretionary wealth management. Finally, the TD Waterhouse Financial Planning gives clients the opportunity to work with financial planners in order to develop effective investment strategies and long-term financial plans.

Aside from these instruments and services, TD Waterhouse focuses on research and analysis. A part of the offered services with regard to research are information on major market developments released on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis in countries such as Canada and the United States. Analysts affiliated with TD Waterhouse produce reports and investment papers to help manage business transactions and activities. For example, these commentaries may be distributed before the opening bell of the stock market every day.