Scotia iTrade

Scotia iTrade is an online investment site that allows users to invest their money via an internet based platform. It is a subsidiary of Scotiabank which is one of the leading banks in North America with branches in 50 countries worldwide. It caters to an estimated 12.8 million customers and employs over 69,000 people globally. Scotia iTrade was established after ScotiaBank acquired ETrade. Resultantly, customers are offered the progressive trading platform that was once a part of ETrade's activities along with Scotia's impressive research and analysis.

This presents a great opportunity for investors. This system allows users more control over what stocks they invest in online. They will be able to see the performance of their investments from the comfort of their own personal computer at any time. The online brokerage service ensures that all customers are more in tune with any investment decisions they are likely to make. In addition the research and analysis tools that are provided make it more probable that users will make sounder choices and gain substantial/modest profits over time.

It is now obvious that online investing is gaining more popularity. There have been more new accounts opened online and since 2009. The rate increased from of 62 percent to 75 percent for new applications. This is understandable considering the convenience and the reliability that the system offers its users. Many people are now seeing the benefits of using an internet trading brokerage, of that number a large percentage have chosen Scotia's iTrade because of the overall confidence they have in the company.

What does Scotia iTrade offer?

Scotia iTrade offers a number of tools and various deals that make using the system more beneficial. Some of the offerings they have are presented here. For more details you may visit the website to get a better scope of what each involves.

Technological Innovation: The system is designed with the user in mind. It integrates modern day innovation with usability and a number of key features including: obtaining real time account balances, following up on stop orders, direct market access, multiple options for online trading, an IPO (Initial Public Offering) centre online among other things. Low Commission rate: Commissions are set to a low $6.99. In addition there is no annual fee and no minimum RRSP (Registered Retirement Saving Plans) minimum.

24 hour Customer Service: Customer service may be accessed 24 hours 7 days per week. This may be done online, via the telephone or in person at the Investment Information Centre User Friendly: The platform incorporates an easy to use interface that is easy to learn although very advanced.

Accessibility: Customers have complete access to all Scotia Trade accounts they currently own.

Diversified Products and Services: There are a number of products and services that make using the system that much more convenient including: custom charting, analysis and research, technical analysis, stock markets and news, streaming real-time quotes, live and archived earnings calls, multiple marketplaces, 3 high-powered trading platforms, market indicators and options chains, filters and analysis.

How do I start an Account?

The process is pretty straight forward. Go to the website and enter the section that says open an account. This is available to all Canadian residents with very few restrictions. Once you fill in all the information on the form it will be processed promptly so that you may begin using your account.