Questrade is a major online investment broker that offers financial services in Canada. The organization boasts low commissions and guarantees adherence to the respective regulations governing this activity in the country. Questrade is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, ensuring coverage of up to $1 million per account to $10 million in coverage in total. You can trade very fast with Questrade because the account opening process has been simplified for convenience. It is very easy to open and fund an Internet trade account. Trades can be executed at the speed of light, quite literally. Clients of the organization are presented with the latest and most convenient market opportunities, so it is up to you to take advantage of them. The one who thinks and works the fastest wins. There is a maximization policy where mutual funds are concerned. For the convenience of clients, market updates are provided live and in real time.

Questrade assures that they offer the lowest commission fees compared to their competitors in this market segment. Clients of other organizations get to keep trailer fees, respectively, and there are no fees on accounts such as RRSPs and TFSAs. There is also no fee to open an account, no inactivity penalty, and no annual maintenance fee. The organization is the first in this segment of the industry to offer United States dollars in RRSP. You can hold US dollars in your account and trade US shares and options without being charged for currency conversion. You can also trade in gold and gold bullion, regardless of what type of account you have with Questrade. Your buying power will rise if you buy gold bullion, and you have a margin account.

Questrade offers leverage, 24-hour trading, liquidity, and the opportunity to trade in over 30 currency pairs. You can also get the lowest rates on currency exchange services if you have an internationally operating business.

It is easy to open an account with Questrade. New clients have to present their social security or social insurance number, a valid photo ID and email address, their bank information, as well as financial information such as their total and liquid net worth and annual income. Employer’s telephone number and address are also requested.

Clients can open 2 or more accounts simultaneously and choose from the package accounts offered. These include individual margin and forex, individual margin and TFSA, individual margin, TFSA, RRSP, and more. It takes just twenty minutes to complete an online application for a standard account. Once the application has been completed, the client receives a new account number. For margin and forex accounts, the company requires a minimum initial funding and bank verification. The account can be funded from a personal account in a Canadian bank. Preauthorized deposits, wire transfers, transfers from another broker, non-certified checks, and certified checks or bank draft are some of the ways to fund the account.

For those who want to improve their knowledge of financial trading, Questrade is working in partnership with the Online Trading Academy Canada, which offers live instruction and education provided by professional traders. Tuition is charged, of course, but you can even get a full rebate on it if you win a scholarship from Questrade. Questrade recently launched a scholarship program for the convenience of its loyal clients.

Another great offer is the Bull’s Eye research method, available only from Questrade. It offers financial tools and publications, detailed charting, investment strategies, news in real time, and more.