Forex Demo Account

A Forex demo account is a good opportunity to practice your trading skills using fake money. Demo accounts are widely available over the Internet. They vary depending on the trial duration and the account size. The first step to using an account is downloading the respective trading platform. They will try to tell you that everything is totally free, but beware - there are hidden charges, as always. Only the trial period will cost your zero dollars, and not always, at that.

If you want to open a Forex demo account, there is a wide variety to choose from. You can look at the ACM online trading services, the Easy Forex Ready Trade Platform, the Alpari UK, Hantec Markets, Forex Club, and plenty of others.

The ACM online trading services demo account offers free trial duration for a period of 30 days. The minimum demo account size is $5,000 US dollars (not real cash, of course), and the regular demo account size is $50,000. This account features gold and silver training, position monitoring in real time, the ability to trade among 56 different currency pairs, an economic calendar, and a variety of other options.

The Easy Forex Ready Trade platform offers free trial duration of 30 days. There is no difference between minimum and regular demo account sizes - it is $50,000 in both cases. The system provides quotes and charts for 20 currency pairs in real time, economic indicators, live support, a personal account service manager, access to daily trend outlooks, and trends and trades that can be observed in real time.

Alpari UK offers unlimited trial duration but doesn’t come with virtual cash. This may be a significant obstacle to your trading practice. A full technical analysis package is available in real time. Alpari US, the American affiliates, offers a regular account size of up to half a million dollars to be used under the same terms. If you want the real deal, your best bet is Hantec Markets’ 30-day trial offer with a demo account of $100,000. Hantec assures its clients that they can practice trading without any risk. The company offers 50 currency pairs, access to competitive spreads, and trade of lots of all sizes from micro to standard ones.

If the trial length is an important issue for you, MIG Bank offers a 90-day free trial period with regular account of $50,000. You can open an account directly at risk-free. Doing that is a good idea if you want to get some practice, no matter whether you are a novice or an experienced trader.

With Forex Club, you get it all, NDD and instant execution, platform-based analysis, visual trading, iPhone applications, Dow Jones news access, trading at no spread, user-friendly applications, and commission returns on losing trades if your deposit is over one thousand dollars.

Other platforms include Trade Forex Saxo Bank, FXCM, Deutsche Bank Forex, GFT, FX Pro, and more. In fact, you can try a couple of those and choose what works best for you. Just keep in mind when the trial period is over, get the best out of the experience, and plunge into the world of forex trading.