National Bank Direct Brokerage

Founded back in 1999 and currently operating as a subsidiary of National Bank, National Bank Direct Brokerage has grown to become the fourth largest direct broker in Canada by managed assets. Unfortunately, people living in Newfoundland and the Canadian territories still cannot take advantage of National Bank Direct Brokerage’s outstanding investment consultancy, wealth management, and discount brokerage services.

Opening an account with National Bank Direct Brokerage is the wise choice of every budding investor. They offer a large variety of accounts to choose from, ranging from cash and margin accounts to COD and SSP II accounts. The whole process of creating and opening an account is very easy. You should complete an online form and then you should print, sign, and post the papers to the National Bank Direct Brokerage’s office in your area. After you have submitted your online application, you will get your password and can plunge into trading. Do not worry if you are not quite familiar with how exactly it works. The consultants of National Bank Direct Brokerage, over a hundred in number, are always happy to provide you with whatever information you may need to make an important investment decision.

There are various options to make deposits and transfers to one’s account. Clients can make electronic transfers to their non-registered brokerage account if they have an account at the bank. They can make RESP and RRSP contributions through the NBDB website. As another option, clients of the National Bank can call Customer Contact Center or Telnat. Cashier’s and personal checks can be sent to National Bank Direct Brokerage, with the account number written on the check. Checks can be mailed or dropped off at a branch of the National Bank.

VIP Service is available to independent investors with a high volume of investments who look for the advice of experienced professionals. Individuals with a total household income of $1 million and over in combined net assets at the brokerage are likely VIP clients. They enjoy a number of benefits among which: trade confirmations by phone, 15 percent off commissions on option and stock trades, debit balance management, waiver of fees for all registered accounts, preferred interest rates applicable to all credit balances, and many others.

There are a number of advantages that the clients of NBC and NBDB enjoy. To begin with, NBDB consultants have adopted it as their mission to let their customers take full control of their investments. But to make a smart choice, the customers of National Bank Direct Brokerage are constantly provided with free seminars, at which they could constantly upgrade their knowledge of investment and asset management.

From a purely technical perspective, National Bank Direct Brokerage offers to its clients an easy-to-use interface and a wide selection of web-based investment tools, which are well-complemented by a responsive and resourceful customer support centre. The more experienced clients of NBDB may take advantage of some more sophisticated web-based investment solutions, such as detailed graphs for technical analysis level one and two streaming quotes.

The clients of National Bank Direct Brokerage who have any sight impairments that prevent them from using a personal computer may dial up the NBDB’s interactive voice broker, which has a sophisticated voice recognition system.

Last but not least, National Bank Direct Brokerage has one of the lowest commissions and fees on the market, allowing their clients to start trading for just $6.95. And if your investments turn profitable, you may take advantage of the favourable interest rates of National Bank Direct Brokerage!