National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada has 150 years of banking history, operates 442 branches, and works with over 18,300 banking employees. The number of individual clients is 2.3 million, with 869 banking machines at their service. In 2010, the bank’s assets totaled $145.3 billion while its stock market capitalization stood at $10.9 billion. The National Bank has received numerous awards among which Montreal’s Top Employers for 2011, 50 Best Employers in Canada for 2011, and the 2010 Canadian Lipper Funds Awards.

The bank boasts a large number of personal and business services and products. To its individual clients, the National Bank offers personal loans and credit lines, mortgages, MasterCard credit cards, and asset management, among others. Personal loans come in two varieties: variable-rate and fixed-rate personal loans. Loans are typically approved within 24 hours. Lines of credit are extended to clients who are in need of cash or want to invest in a business project. With the Virtuoso Line of Credit, the bank’s customers have between $500 and $5,000 at their disposal. The Superior Flex Line gives access to $25,000 or over but is available only to current Superior Flex Line holders.

Mortgage financing solutions are offered to customers who seek to buy a home, make home renovations, buy a second home, or renew their mortgages. Home financing is extended depending on the needs of the customer. It can come with a fixed rate which will remain unchanged throughout the loan’s term. With the variable interest rate, the mortgage will generate savings when the interest rates go down. The made-to-measure mortgage combines variable and fixed rates so that clients can take advantage of them both. In addition, there are roll-over mortgages, featured with no penalty if the client decides to sell his/ her home, as well as mortgages for self-employed persons.

The National bank of Canada offers 8 types of MasterCards. The Edition credit card is featured with regular interest rate of 19.5 percent, no annual fee with the cash back card, and minimum credit limit of $500. Card holders earn 1 point for every $2 charged to the card. The Ovation Gold credit card goes with an annual fee of $95, minimum credit limit of $1,000, and regular interest rate of 19.5 percent. Clients earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent on the card.

To its business customers, the National Bank offers investment and financing options, day-to-day banking services, MasterCard credit cards, insurance packages, and more. The bank features a number of day-to-day products among which accounts for self-employed, giving access to one’s funds, while fees are adapted to the client’s situation. Payroll solutions and services are offered through the bank’s business partner Nethris. Other services include current accounts, cash management, telephone banking solutions, night depository accounts, and many more.

A number of credit card options are offered to business clients. The PREMIA MasterCard Business Card is a good financial product for self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses. It goes with an annual fee of $45 and interest rate of 18.9 percent. The MasterCard Business Credit Card is another card for small-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, coming with no fee and annual interest rate of 19.9 percent. The card gives access to internet banking solutions and one’s commercial accounts. Reduced interest rates apply in some cases, and additional cards can be issued free-of-charge.