Disnat or Desjardins Group is a Canadian financial service company and a network of credit unions, caisses, and subsidiary companies specializing in asset management, venture capital, securities brokerage, and general insurance. Some 536 financial institutions participate, having a total of 5.8 million members.

The cooperative financial group works to protect the interests of its clients and members, offering them secure and profitable financial services. It provides investment services and technical support through Développement International Desjardins, which focuses on developing countries.

Desjardins Group has assets worth over $175 billion, making it the largest cooperative in Canada. With forty thousand employees in the country and around the world, Disnat is Quebec’s largest private employer. The company prioritizes employment equity, diversity, and cooperative values, recognizing the skills, efforts, and talent of its employees.

Disnat offers trading solutions that suit diverse trading styles. Disnat Classic comes with a full range of services and products and gives investors access to a trading platform with an easy-to-use and simple interface. Trades can be executed over the phone or online from any place with an Internet connection. The platform supports bonds, options, stocks, IPOs, etc., and the minimum deposit is just $1,000. A number of tools are available, among which standard charts, watch lists, real-time Dow Jones news, real time quotes and market data, and others. With the Disnat GPS, investors gain access to professionally managed portfolios, which can be reviewed, tracked, and even reproduced. Model portfolios can be replicated in part or in whole. Commissions start at $9.95.

Disnat Direct Web is another trading solution suited for investors who trade over ten times a month. Commissions start at $5, and the minimum deposit is $10,000. The platform is web-accessible and comes with a trading center which supports options, trades, and IPOs. Mobile devices and Internet can be used to execute trades. Disnat Direct Web features real-time charts and portfolios, real-time Dow Jones news, quotes, and market data, as well as an IPO center. The Disnat Direct Platforms are intended for active traders who execute over twenty trades on a month-to-month basis. The platform is downloadable and investors gain access to a trading center for online trades. The platforms come with an IPO center, customizable real-time charts, streaming quotes and market data, and much more. Clients receive notifications of upcoming IPOs on their mobile devices.

Desjardins Securities Research is an investment dealer and functions as the brokerage arm of the company. It offers an overview of the international, European, and North American markets, featuring recent analysis and information about new developments. The Research Comment section provides an overview of specific industries and companies. Strategy Plus features a combination of strategic and economic overviews of different sectors and highlights top-pick securities for all of them. The Focus newsletter offers an overview of the trends on the US and Canadian markets, looking at key macroeconomic developments. The newsletter features financial forecasts, investment ideas, comments on the prospects and earnings of large companies, and more.

In addition, traders gain access to a number of tools that help evaluate the stock market and find the best investment opportunities. Traders can track groups of stocks, apply risk management techniques, check available stock options, and examine multiple charts. Finally, the IPO center features Canadian news while the online knowledge center offers information about thousands of events, seminars and webinars across Canada. Traders can read about upcoming and recorded events presented in English, French, or both.