American Express Canada

American Express Canada is among the best-run companies in the country, recognized with numerous awards: The Top 100 Employers in Canada, Healthy Workplace Award, Report on Business Top 50 Employer, and others. Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, the company opened doors in Canada back in 1853. Today, American express runs offices in 13 cities and employs some three thousand Canadians.

To its individual clients, Amex offers credit cards, insurance products, and travel booking and support. Cards come in a large variety: credit cards, charge cards, Aeroplan rewards cards, and air miles rewards cards. The American Express Gold Rewards Card is a charge card that comes with a bonus of 15,000 points. The card goes with an annual fee of $150 and 30 percent interest rate applicable to delinquent charges. Likely applicants are Canadian residents with personal or combined household income of $30,000 or more. The American Express AeroplanPlus Card is an Aeroplan rewards card for customers with a personal income of $20,000 or over who have a Canadian credit file. The welcome bonus is 2,500 Aeroplan miles. One reward mile is earned for every dollar charged to the card. The card is featured with an annual fee of $60 and 30 percent interest rate on delinquent charges.

The Blue Sky credit card earns holders 1.25 rewards points for every dollar charged to the card. The card goes with a welcome bonus of 10,000 points, no annual fee, and free supplementary cards. The interest rate on fund advances and purchases is 19.99 percent; however, it can go up to 21.99 percent if the holder has two missed payments over a 12-month period. Eligible applicants are Canadian residents with a personal income of at least $15,000 a year. The AMEX Canada website doesn't specify if they offer secured credit cards to Canadians.

Insurance products are also a part of the company's banking products and services. The Amex travel insurance comes in four packages, and its most comprehensive plan, Ultimate includes emergency medical, trip cancellation, flight and travel accident, and baggage loss and delay insurance, among others. Travel protection is offered under the AMEX Air Trip Insurance. Customers are guaranteed protection for an unlimited number of trips, including ground and cruise coverage. The identity protection insurance protects the clients’ personal details, credit card information, bank and credit card numbers. The life and health protection plans are diverse. The Accident Protection Plan offers coverage for accidental death as well as living benefits. These include money for assistance advices, home modification, and rehabilitation.

American Express Canada offers a number of business credit cards intended for small business owners. The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card goes with an annual fee of $180 and no interest rate if the account balance is paid in full. Note that the first year, it comes with no annual fee, and there is no preset spending limit. Supplementary cards also come at no added cost during the first year and an annual fee of $50 during subsequent years. Holders get a welcome bonus of 25,000 points and earn 1 point for every $1 charged to the card. The American Express Business Card goes with no annual fee, APR of 19.99 percent on purchases, and cash rebates of up to $1,250 annually. Supplementary cards are issued free-of-charge. The card comes with online expense management reports, disability plan for small businesses, front of the line entertainment services, and other included features.

AMEX Bank of Canada is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Canadian Bankers Association. American Express Canada is also a member of Air Miles, and Aeroplan Rewards frequent flyer programs.