AMEX Online Banking

It is easy and convenient to bank online with American Express. This option is available to every type of account holder. The personal financing division of AMEX Online Banking covers a wide variety of Air Miles Cards, Travel Cards, as well as cards enabling their holder to earn star points, which are bonus points to be redeemed. How to get started? First you must call a special number, available at the Amex website. When you call this number, you register the accounts that you want to be made available to you online. This is when you are issued your very own PIN number, without which you cannot access your accounts online. The good news is that you will only have to do this one time. You will be identified through your client information number thereafter.

After you have gone through this procedure, you are practically ready to bank online. You can set up a username and password at any Amex financial services site. You can use your old ID and password if you have existing ones. You have to go through the standard procedure of entering your password twice for security reasons, then clicking on “continue”, thinking up a different user name if someone already has that one, and so on. Make sure you do not forget your ID and password.

Good so far, no? Now, you have to enter your AMEX client number and PIN code, the same one you got when you called earlier. If you have forgotten, you’ll have to call again. Once you are finally in the system, you can access your portfolio, make a transfer or review your account activity. Reviewing your portfolio can keep you informed about your account status or statuses easily and quickly. You will see your account balances and available balances. Those are two different things. There could in fact be an inconsistency between them, especially if there are funds on hold in your account. The balances reflect all the transfers that have been carried out, whereas all ongoing transfers are ordinarily shown by the next business day.

If you need help to carry out financial transactions, you should contact the Amex Banking Associate by phone. They can be reached from 9 am to 7 pm on workdays. Those who prefer to get online help can do so by clicking on the ‘need help’ button, which is found on the login page. The pages of customer support can be accessed anytime.

It is important that users of online banking log out of their banking sessions. This is done for security reasons. The ‘log out’ button can be found at the top right hand. After logging out, the customer is automatically taken to a webpage that is no longer in the secure area. Those who use shared computers should exit/ quit the internet browser so that others are prevented from accessing the cached pages.

That said, Amex will stop at nothing to lure clients in, especially those of the wealthier variety. The business clients of AMEX Online Banking are promised free trips, as long as they shop office supplies with their Amex credit card. The Canadian branch of AmEx Online offers special credit cards for businessmen who travel frequently, credit cards with lucrative Air Miles reward programs for those who spend more time in the air than on solid ground and, last but not least, a comprehensive business credit card for the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.