TD Insurance

TD Insurance is the insurance business of TD Canada Trust, part of the TD Bank Financial Group, offering diverse insurance plans to its large client base.

Auto Insurance

Under the Canadian legislation, each owner of an automobile is required to have a $200,000 insurance that includes Third Party Liability Coverage and Basic Accident Benefits Coverage. The former covers any injuries or damages to third persons’ property in case one is the at-fault driver in the car accident, while the latter protects the policy holder against permanent or temporary disability as a result of a car accident. However, if one drives a brand-new car, it is a good idea to buy a collision insurance or comprehensive auto insurance from a big and reliable insurance dealer such as TD Insurance. The car insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of one’s driving record, the type of vehicle one drives, how often she or he drives, where they live and last but not least, the type of car insurance they have bought – the more risks the auto insurance policy covers the more it will cost the policy holder per month. The good thing about TD Insurance is that the company insures not only traditional motor vehicles such as cars, SUVs and trucks, but also recreational vehicles such as sports motorcycles, ATVs, trailers and motor homes.

Home Insurance

As one’s home is among the most valuable properties, it is especially important to set up a good home insurance plan that will protect it against natural disasters or any other damages caused by third persons. The standard home insurance offered by TD Insurance includes all risk coverage, protecting the building against the most common types of losses, Named-Perils coverage, protecting real estates against damages caused by fire, water or theft, and all risk contents coverage, protecting the valuables and belongings inside one’s home. The officials of TD Insurance will give a ten-percent discount on premiums, if the policy holder has not filed claims for at least three years and another ten percent if his or her home has been built in the last ten years, and he or she is its owner. Finally, policy holders get a ten percent discount if they have installed a certified security system and a fire protection system in their houses.

Life and Health Insurance

TD Insurance also offers flexible life and health insurance plans that can give the policy holder the peace of mind in knowing that his or her family is properly protected. Among the various insurance services are the term life insurance, critical illness insurance, accidental death insurance, critical accident insurance, and insurance covering accident and sickness hospitalization costs.

Other Insurance plans

TD Insurance also offers travel and medical insurance, credit protection insurance, and business insurance plans. The travel and medical insurance plan covers multiple trips within a year, up to 17 days per travel. The limit of the Annual Plan Certificate is at $5000. The business insurance provides coverage for the life of the policy holder, his or her spouse, as well as persons that are important for one’s business. The maximum limit with this insurance is $1 million.