TD Banknorth

TD Banknorth came into existence in August 2004, when Canada's Toronto Dominion Bank acquired a majority stake in the US-based Banknorth. About three years later, in April 2007, TD Bank acquired the rest of Bank North's shares and renamed it “TD Banknorth N.A. Today, Headquartered in Portland, Maine, TD Banknorth operates as a subsidiary of Toronto Dominion, carrying out insurance and banking activities on the territory of Canada and the United States. Some of TD Banknorth's operating companies include People’s Heritage Bank, based in Maine, USA, Banknorth Connecticut, the New York-seated Evergreen Bank, Banknorth Massachusetts, Banknorth Vermont, Banknorth Insurance Group, Hudson United Bank, etc. As it can be seen, most of these ventures are branded under the name TD Banknorth of State. The second milestone in the history of TD Banknorth is the merger with the New Jersey-seated Commerce Bank, which gave birth to TD Bank.

Being America's most convenient bank, TD Bank offers to its individual clients in Canada and the United States a rich variety of banking, investment banking and insurance services such as checking and savings accounts, a wide choice of credit and debit cards, real-time money market monitoring and analyses, deposit certificates and individual retirement accounts, etc. TD Bank's lending portfolio includes mortgage plans, home equity loans, personal and auto loans, etc. TD Bank's team is well-aware that the time of their clients is a most precious asset. For this reason, they have developed a set of highly-convenient, time-saving solutions such as online and telephone banking and online bill payment services. The individual customers of TD Bank are also able to access real time information about their bank accounts, view check images online or, if necessary, stop payments on checks, and transfer funds between their accounts. TD Bank’s paperless bank statements option is a good example of how technologies and online communications could be used to promote environmentally-friendly practices. TD Bank's web-based tools Quicken and Microsoft Money provide clients direct access to their deposit accounts.

In support of small and medium-sized enterprises, the bank has developed a set of flexible and very convenient business banking solutions such as checking and savings accounts, credit debit and payroll cards for business persons, direct online banking and business bill payment, while their lending portfolio includes various business loans and credit lines, business overdraft protection, and diverse options for the financing of small business administration.

For their corporate and institutional clients, the team of the bank has developed flexible corporate banking solutions such as cash management and merchant services, project financing, corporate loans and leasing plans for the purchase of equipment or means of production, government banking and international financial services. TD Bank also offers international services to clients who are traveling abroad. Thanks to the bank's global network of correspondent banks, traveling customers can wire money anywhere around the world. Clients need to provide the account number, name, and address of the recipient, the financial institution that will receive the funds, and the currency and amount to be transferred. Depending on the type of currency, some transfers might take longer than others.