Scotiabank International Banking

Since its foundation back in 1832, the Bank of Nova Scotia, most commonly known as Scotiabank, has established itself as one of the five largest and best-reputed banks in Canada. In fact, the process of the international expansion of Scotiabank started more than a century ago with the opening of Scotiabank’s branch in Minneapolis in 1885. Today, the bank has more than two thousand branches and representational offices in fifty countries around the world. It will not be too far-fetched to assume that Scotiabank is one of the true international Canadian banks. It should be mentioned that with so many branches and offices across the world, Scotiabank is also a major international employer that has opened valuable job positions in parts of the world where they are most needed.

Having set foot south of the border in 1885, today Scotiabank is one of the largest and most reliable foreign banks in the United States, offering its neighbours premium-class corporate and personal banking services. Scotiabank also has representational offices and branches in Mexico, where its devoted team is always happy to provide specially-tailored banking and financial services to the charming people of this sunny country. Scotiabank Inverlat is the commercial branch of Scotiabank, providing a variety of commercial, corporate, and retail services. Scotiabank Inverlat Casa de Bolsa is a Mexican-based investment bank that offers hedging, money market, equity trading, corporate finance products, and future products at its 45 branches.

The clients of Scotiabank in Europe and the Middle East can also rely on its wide experience in international banking. The bank first opened an office in London back in 1920, and now it also has branches in Ireland. Scotiabank Europe offers to its British clients the full range of trade finance, investment and corporate banking services. The bank provides local currency and other currency loans, as well as call and current accounts, and term and other currency deposits. The bank’s investment and corporate banking services include derivatives, corporate lending, investment grade depth, foreign exchange, etc. If you are a client of Scotiabank, and you are planning a trip to Egypt, your bank will be there with you to make your experience even more pleasant!

As the region of Central and South America has seen an unprecedented economic growth over the past few decades, the experts of Scotiabank have supplied a wide range of personal, corporate and institutional banking and financial advisory services to the people of Brazil, Belize, Costa Rica, Chile, Panama, Guyana, El Salvador, Venezuela and Guatemala. If you want to take a hiking trip in the mountains of Peru, you can rely on the services of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Being one of the most reliable banking partners of the economic tigers of Asia, Scotiabank has representational offices in China, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, there are more than two hundred branches spread throughout the Caribbean; so, you can take advantage of their banking and financial services while enjoying your cruise vacation, for example.