RBC Dominion Securities

RBC Dominion Securities is part of RBC Financial Group and it offers professional wealth management and full-service investment services. Dominion Securities was established in 1901 in Toronto, and Royal Bank of Canada acquired it in 1996.

RBC Dominion Securities has over 400,000 clients worldwide (the majority of its wealth management clients are in Canada). RBC Dominion Securities manages around $150 billion in assets.

RBC Dominion Securities Services

RBC Dominion Securities offers several financial solutions and services designed to help individuals and businesses with their investing and wealth management. Here are some of the financial services offered by Dominion Securities.
  • RBC Dominion Securities Guided Portfolios solution offers investing approach, which follows the RBC investment strategy process, designed to determine where to buy/sell/hold certain stocks. The Guided Portfolios consists of top stocks in various industries and economic sectors and guides investors in their investing decisions.
  • RBC Dominion Securities Advisor Account is investment account you fully control, while getting advice from a qualified Investment Advisor. The Advisor Account has an annual fee based on the value of your assets in the account.
  • RBC Dominion Securities Private Investment Management is a solution for investors with portfolios larger than $200,000, in which the investor delegates the investment responsibilities and decisions to a personal Portfolio Manager. The investment decisions that are made by your portfolio Manager are influenced by several factors, like your targeted ROI and the level of risk you are willing to accept.
  • RBC Dominion Securities Focus Funds are mutual funds usually investing in less than 60 equities and cash. The Focus Funds can be held in RRSP account, but they require a minimum investment of $1,500.
  • RBC Dominion Securities Individual Pension Plans are defined benefit pension plans sponsored by your employer. If you are your own employer this is especially useful, as it can help you boost your retirement savings, while sheltering taxes. The employer can deduct all contributions made to Individual Pension Plans, while the employees are not liable to pay taxes for these contributions.
RBC Dominion Securities offers financial solutions for the sophisticated investor willing to grow their financial portfolio and wealth with the help of professional financial advisors.