RBC Direct Investing

RBC Direct Investing is a discount brokerage division of RBC Royal Bank. The RBC Direct Investing allows investors to manage their financial portfolios directly (usually without help from investment representative). For example if you open a personal RBC Direct Investing account, you can trade several asset classes from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to phone or Internet.

RBC Direct Investing Account Types

RBC Direct Investing offers several different account types to Canadian investors.
  • Investment Account
    The RBC Direct Investing Investment Account allows you to hold a portfolio of different asset classes including bonds, stocks, cash, mutual funds, GICs, and money market funds. The Investment Account with RBC can be Cash Investment Account or Margin Investment Account. With the Cash Investment Account you simply deposit cash in the account and then you can trade financial instruments with it. The RBC Margin Investment Account gives you the opportunity to leverage your cash, as RBC will lend you a portion of the market value of the securities you are buying.
  • RSP Account
    RBC Direct Investing also offers RSP Investment Accounts (Retirement Savings Plan Accounts). The RSP Investment Account has a small yearly fee, unless you have a minimum balance of $25,000. The RSP Direct Investing Account allows you to trade and hold any RSP-eligible investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • RESP Account
    The RESP Account (Registered Education Savings Plan) allows investors to invest in their child education. Although RESP Accounts contributions you make cannot be deducted on your tax return, the income earned on these contributions is tax-free until the beneficiary withdraws the funds.
  • Non-personal Account
    All 3 accounts we discussed above were personal investing accounts, but RBC offers non-personal investing accounts as well. RBC offers several different non-personal investing account types, the most popular of which is the RBC Direct Investing Business Investment Account.

RBC Direct Investing Investment Products

RBC Direct Investing offers a variety of investment products, which allows for financial portfolio diversification. With RBC Direct Investing account you can trade both Canadian and US equities. RBC also gives you access to over 2,000 Mutual Funds and to fixed-income products like GICs, and bonds.

How to invest with RBC Direct Investing?

With RBC Direct Investing you have several ways to manage your account.

  • Online
    You can use the RBC Online Banking website to buy/sell equities and options 24/7. The RBC Online Banking site gives you many valuable investing tools like real-time stock quotes for example.
  • Phone
    You can invest by using the RBC Automated Telephone Service, which is available 24/7, just like the RBC Online Banking.
  • Investment Representative
    The last option is to talk to one of the RBC investment representatives, but keep in mind that this option is available only during regular banking business hours.
In conclusion RBC Direct Investing offers an excellent way to directly manage your investments, giving you access to many different asset classes and saving you money with low commissions.