RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets is the investment banking arm of Royal Bank of Canada, one of the top-five chartered banks in Canada. Its clientele consists mostly of governments and state institutions, large corporations and high net worth clients (these are billionaires, oligarchs, tycoons, moguls and others). The bank offers the full range of financial products from loans and lines of credit to mergers and acquisitions’ advice.

The business network of RBC Capital Markets spans over fifteen different countries in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and functions through seventy-five offices and retail points, staffed with more than six thousand devoted employees.

The range of products and services offered by RBC Capital Markets, named one of the top-twenty investment banks in the world by Bloomberg, covers capital raising and management, market analysis and risk assessment, as well as the acquisition and disposal of assets. The company has also developed a wide range of derivative products and solutions to meet the currency exchange needs of its clients.

If you want to try your hand in online trading, you can take advantage of the reliable market forecasts and recommendations of RBC Capital Markets. Clients can trust their long experience in risk assessment and management. Wherever you are and regardless of the methods you use to trade, you can rely on the 24-hour support and order management of RBC Capital Markets, based on their FXDirect trading platform.

If you want to exploit the market potential of some commodity-based currencies like the Canadian Dollar (CAD), RBC Capital Markets can offer you their unrivalled expertise and know-how in the field.

Competitive pricing, a multi-lingual team of consultants, a constantly-upgraded set of solutions – these are only some of the pillars, on which RBC Capital Markets’ successful business model is based.

RBC Capital Markets has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, with expertise in a variety of industries, sizes, and transaction types. The company is the leading advisor in Canada and ranked 5th on the territory of North America. Over eighty professionals experienced in mergers and acquisitions serve clients around the globe. RBC Capital Markets has experience in international, Canadian, and US transactions as well as US/ Canada and international cross border transactions. The company has advised some 1,145 transactions, which were worth $900 billion. The company provides to its private and public clients a wide range of services, among which valuation, buy-side, sell-side, spin-offs and other corporate restructuring, hostile acquisition and defense, as well as financial restructurings and advisory.

The Global Equity business of RBC Capital Markets works through a flexible team of professionals, who is always ready to provide innovative and profitable trading strategies and solutions to their clients from all around the world. With strong ties in some of the most profitable global industries, the equity division of RBC Capital Markets has access to first-hand information on the most profitable trends with respect to trading of equities, corporate and institutional investments.

The high yield platform of RBC Capital Markets is serviced by a team of professionals, specializing in capital markets, foreign exchange trading, sales, and research. They offer expert deal execution and innovative financial solutions. Among the financial alternatives offered are recapitalizations, corporate financings, leveraged buyouts, and middle-market acquisitions. Maintaining long-standing and strong relationships with the community of high yield investors, the company helps customers gain access to capital necessary for their business plans.

The corporate and institutional clients of RBC Capital Markets may rely on the premium consultancy services of their Corporate Banking division, which has specialized in the development of business and financial strategies, capital raising services, credit risk assessment and management, etc. Last but not least, the experts of the Corporate Banking division of RBC Capital Markets are really good at providing tailored credit and financing solutions to their international clients.