Qtrade is one of Canada’s leading providers of financial consultancy, wealth management, and online brokerage services.

The history of the Qtrade financial group began in 1999, when it made its first steps on the financial consultancy market and established partnerships with some of the leading banks and credit unions in the country. Today, the assets administered by Qtrade amount to five billion dollars. In addition to retail wealth management, Qtrade is also in charge of the assets of over a hundred and eighty financial institutions across Canada. Here are some of Qtrade’s main businesses.

Qtrade Securities Inc is a registered securities dealer operating under Qtrade’s cap. The company is a full member of Canada’s investment industry regulator (IIROC) and the Investment Protection Fund (CIPF).

The investment consultancy business of Qtrade, Qtrade Investor, has recently consolidated its positions as the leading online brokerage in Canada, with its clientele consisting of high net worth private persons and financial companies alike. Interestingly, the investment arm of Qtrade operates as a division of the Qtrade Securities and is seated in Vancouver. It offers its clients a wide choice of cash, margin, and tax-free savings accounts, as well as corporate and non-personal accounts and various retirement savings plans. Qtrade Investor also offers a broad range of investment options such as rights and warrants, strip coupon bonds, GICs, commercial paper, mutual funds, Canadian and US T-bills and stocks, etc.
Qtrade Advisor offers more or less the same services as Qtrade Investor – wealth management, investment planning, online brokerage solutions – and it also operates as a subsidiary of Qtrade Securities.

Qtrade Asset Management Inc is the Qtrade’s mutual fund dealer, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a full member of Canada’s association of mutual fund dealers and of the Investor Protection Corporation IPC.

The mutual fund representatives of the company offer premium investment advice to their institutional and private clients. They provide online brokerage and wealth management in line with the Canadian legislation. The representatives focus on the clients’ investment objectives, financial goals, and life circumstances. They develop wealth management plans, addressing the financial needs of customers. In addition, mutual fund representatives offer professionally managed portfolios and a full line-up of mutual funds.

The scope of the services provided by the Qtrade financial group also encompasses insurance solutions (Qtrade Insurance Solutions Inc) and investment portfolio management (OceanRock Investments Inc). Other services are investment solutions and portfolio diversification (Meritas Funds) and, finally, brokerage solutions for institutional clients and big corporations (OceanRock Institutional Services).

Investment managers are offered custodial solutions and customized brokerage, including management fees’ collection, pooled fund solutions, customized reporting, portfolio management system, and more. Through the portfolio management platform, institutional clients can maintain, manage, and trade effectively across multiple accounts. Investment solutions include discretionary services, SRI mutual funds, and mutual funds. Portfolio managers aim to meet the financial needs of high net worth individuals, discretionary clients, wealth management firms, and fund companies. Clients are given the opportunity to have their assets delegated and managed by experienced professionals. Among the key services are offering asset allocation strategies, asset management, identifying risk tolerance, customized performance reporting, etc. Custody services are offered through the company’s institutional services. Investment policy reviews and portfolio rebalancing are also featured.

Clients can also choose from a variety of individual funds at Meritas, which is a division of the company. Each portfolio features a combination of fixed income, equity, and money market investments, suiting the needs of different types of investors – from growth-oriented to income-focused. Assets are managed by seasoned fund managers who can be trusted with the task.