Manulife Bank

Manulife Bank was opened by a Canadian insurance company and functions as the first bank regulated at the federal level. This banking institution was created with the intention to support the sale of the core products of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, its parent company. It was also designed to provide assistance to financial advisors in order to fully integrate the financial plans of their clients.

According to the company management, part of the institutional culture cultivated by Manulife Bank is good corporate governance. It has identified the principles of independence, accountability, clarity of roles, effectiveness of strategy, prudent risk management, leadership, ethical culture, and integrity of financial disclosure. In addition to good corporate governance, all employees of Manulife are expected to annually confirm that there was an adherence to its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. In fact, Manulife’s corporate culture has been recognized and ranked as one of the top companies in Benefit Canada’s Capital Accumulation Plan Report in 2009.

Manulife Bank has assets that are measured at more than $16 billion. Its clients are primarily Canada-based and residing in all provinces and territories. The bank boasts a high-quality loan portfolio, with the majority of loans recorded being in residential mortgages. Standard & Poor's, which publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds, has assigned Manulife Bank ratings of AA-stable in the long term and A-1+ in the short term. This means that in the long term, the bank has a strong capacity to meet its financial commitments. An A-1+ is the highest short-term rating that can be given by Standard & Poor’s. Manulife Bank doesn't have a branch network, and serves its customers 24/7 by phone, through extensive network of automated bank machines and through online banking. Manulife Bank of Canada offers many banking and financial services, like mortgages, investment loans, RRSP loans, lines of credit, GICs, credit cards and high-interest personal bank accounts. Manulife Bank also offers business bank accounts and banking accounts in USD.

Just like with other banks, Manulife Bank provides several investment opportunities. There are options for registered and non-registered investments as well as Guaranteed Investment Certificates. Loans also play an important role in the business conducted by Manulife Bank.

Manulife Bank has two kinds of credit cards: the Worldpoints Classic Card and the Worldpoints Platinum Plus Card. The Platinum Plus Card ties in with the Manulife One account and has additional benefits such as the Travel Accident Insurance and Unexpected Return Home, which applies when a trip is cut short because of the death of the policy holder.

Finally, Manulife Bank offers to its clients professional advice through financial counseling. One of the most important services is mortgage advice given through a network of banking consultants.