Interactive Brokers Canada

Interactive Brokers Canada offers to its clients around the world access to futures, options, stocks, bonds, and funds. The company features low commissions, superior technology, and best price execution. Together with its affiliates, Interactive Brokers has equity capital of over $4 billion.

Traders can choose between individual and institutional accounts. Individual accounts are suited for small businesses and individual clients while institutional accounts are intended for funds, brokers, advisors, and proprietary groups. Traders gain access to a trading platform or trader workstation which comes with sophisticated tools for trading assets. The platform can be accessed over the Internet or downloaded on the desktop. It supports multiple algos and order types, featuring advanced tools such as BasketTrader, SpreadTrader, FXTrader, and others. The platform supports technical analytics, including market scanners, news, and charts, price and risk analysis, etc. The trading workstation also comes with real-time account monitoring and is available in 9 languages. Note that certain firewalls may prevent accessing the platform.

The Web Trader is a mini version of the Trader Workstation that comes with a simplified interface. It is intended for persons who trade a single instrument and do not need sophisticated alsos and tools. The only advanced tool featured with this platform is BookTrader. Various order types are supported, among which trailing stop, trailing stop limit, market on close, stop limit, and others. Real-time account monitoring is available.

The account management interface allows traders to deposit funds, change their address, modify the trading permission, view their statements, etc. Interactive Brokers gives access to real-time market news and data free-of-charge. Traders can also subscribe to fee-based market news and data such as Reuters Worldwide Fundamentals or Wall Street Horizons Non-Professional.

In addition, traders can apply for a paper trading account if they have opened and funded a regular trading account. The paper one gives traders access to a full range of trading tools that are used in a simulated environment. The paper account comes with a username and password that are different from those for one’s trading account. Trades are not executed on the exchanges or settled at a clearing house. The customer configurations, base currency, market data subscriptions, and trading permissions are the same as those of the regular account.

Traders can check their activity statements through the account management interface. These can be created on an annual, monthly, and even daily basis. The report management section contains tax forms for traders to view and print. Trusts, joint account holders, and individuals in the USA have access to a Dividend Report, Gain Loss Report, and 1099 forms. The tax forms can be viewed in MS Excel and HTML/ Web format.

Traders can also change their email, address, phone, and other personal data via the user management section. Persons who request a name change may be required to provide a Proof of Name Change document. Note that the company does not accept ‘in care of’ addresses and P.O. boxes due to regulatory restrictions.

The Message Center can be used to contact Customer Service by opening an inquiry ticket. Traders can check the status of their tickers, and close, cancel, reopen, or modify existing tickets. Customer Service sends a message that contains a reference number within two hours. A resolution or comment on the inquiry may also come with it. In addition, clients can request trade cancellations, submit tax reporting correction forms, and monitor corporate actions.

Finally, the company warns that options are not suited for all types of investors as they involve risk. Orders are routed to options exchanges in the United States.