How to Set Up Automatic Credit Card Payments

Undeniably, the option of automatic bill payment or, in more general terms, any regular automatic payment executed online, is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, why many people around the world are ready to put up with significant annual interest rates, painful late payment fees, maintenance and service fees and other little inconveniences that go with having a credit card. This guide shows you how to use your credit card more efficiently by setting up a series of convenient automatic credit card payments that will save your time and, more importantly, spare your nerves.

The good news about automatic credit card payment is that almost all credit card companies and commercial banks issuing credit cards have included such a clause in the Product Services section of the agreement that they sign with a credit card holder. If you cannot find such a clause in the credit card agreement, you’d better contact your credit card company over the phone or by email and ask them whether they offer this service. If the answer is no, you’d better switch to another credit card issuer that takes better care of the time and convenience of its clients.

On the other hand, if your credit card company has developed an automatic payment service, you may be required to fill in a request in order to activate it. If you are a brick-and-mortar pall, you can go to the local office of your credit card company, put the pen to paper and fill in an appropriate form. However, you can be assured that filing in a form online or having the form filled in for you by a helpful operator at the customer service call center will have the same effect.

After you have filed a request for activation of the automatic payment option of your credit card, you may be required to specify the banking details to the merchants that will receive these automatic payments. These details may include a unique code of the merchant or some other identification number or statement.

Next, you have to specify the amount of money that shall be received by each merchant monthly and the checking or savings account that it should be deducted from. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to estimate how much your mobile phone or electricity bill will be each month, so you may just tell your credit card company to pay these merchants the entire balance, while at the same time charge your account with exactly fifteen dollars per month. Speaking of checking and savings accounts, make sure that you always have routing and account numbers at hand. Some wise people say it is very unpractical to use your credit cards to pay other debts, but you can also set up an automatic payment to other credit institutions, if need be.

Finally, you have to sign your form, or use electronic signature, and submit it to your credit card company. Last but not lest, do not forget to notify your credit card issuer in advance, if you wish to cancel automatic payments.