HSBC InvestDirect

HSBC InvestDirect is Canada’s first fully web-based trading site, operating as a part of the investment consultancy business of the London-based HSBC, the only “local bank” in the world with an unprecedentedly wide global reach.

But given that there are hundreds, if not thousands of online investment advisors, why should you choose this particular one? The team of HSBC InvestDirect has a history of offering premium investment solutions and services, which has allowed them to earn serious and solid positions on the oversaturated online investment consultancy market. So, HSBC InvestDirect is a good choice for wealthy persons who want to make their money work for them but have limited experience in online investing. With HSBC, your success in online investing is just a few mouse clicks away. More importantly, however, the platform of HSBC InvestDirect allows users to access and monitor their portfolios 24/7 and take advantage of the latest developments on the global markets because, as you already know, money never sleeps.

The easy to use online investment tools developed by HSBC InvestDirect allow their customers to take investment decisions with great confidence and at the same time, they can rest assured that their money is taken good care of.

It is not difficult to open an account. Customers fill out an application form to apply for a registered or personal account, and this form can be found on the company’s website. Additional forms should be filled out for other types of accounts. Such are, for example, locked-in retirement accounts, cash accounts, margin accounts, etc. Applicants may also need a trading authorization, options agreement, transfer form, and power of attorney. In addition to downloading the forms, applicants may also request an account opening kit. There are two requirements to have a personal account opened. First, the applicant has to be a Canadian citizen and second, he or she should be of the majority age in the respective province or territory of residence. Naturally, all application forms have to be signed. A pre-printed check for $10 should be sent, and this amount is deposited into the account. A photocopy of documents of identification is required as well, for the applicant and the co-applicants, if any. The completed application can be submitted at a local branch of the HSBC Bank Canada or by mail.

Another asset of HSBC InvestDirect is their truly global reach. Imagine how it feels to be able to follow all stock exchanges from North America through Europe to Hong Kong, while sitting comfortably in front of your computer. It is a great confidence booster. But that’s not all, because HSBC InvestDirect enables users to actually participate, with their investment decisions being executed in a matter of seconds on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt, Tokyo and New York, to name a few. In addition to web access, HSBC InvestDirect provides its customers with phone access to over thirty markets around the globe It is even more reassuring to know that you are not alone in your investment endeavors and that you can always rely on the highly-qualified support of the HSBC InvestDirect’s experts and market analysts. They are ready to answer your questions in English, French and even in Mandarin or Cantonese.

Finally, HSBC InvestDirect has highly diversified investment portfolios, including a number of investment options in several different industries and regions that you can choose from, depending on your investment goals and individual risk tolerance. The best thing is that you can set up one for just $6.98 and start trading right away.