Dundee Bank of Canada

The Dundee Bank of Canada is a Canadian Chartered bank based in Toronto Canada. The bank is under Schedule I, like the Bank of Nova Scotia. It is a member bank of CDIC, a corporation that protects the customers of banks from financial loss in case they go bankrupt. The bank is established with the aim of giving assistance to professional financial advisors. Dundee Bank offers competitive and innovative rates and works with a professional sales team. The institution aims at providing advisors with the necessary financing for the development of businesses.

Transfer of Ownership

The ownership of the Dundee Bank of Canada was sold by DundeeWealth Inc. to The Bank of Nova Scotia, one of the 5 major banks in Canada. The deposits in the Dundee Investment Savings Accounts will remain unchanged and will still be under the protection of the CDIC. As of now, the bank continues to offer competitive products and services to its clients under the Dundee name. Thanks to the merger with the Bank of Nova Scotia, it will be able to provide more products and services like personal lines of credit, credit cards, debit cards, and RSP loans.

Products and Services

One of the most attractive offers of the bank is the Dundee Investment Savings Account (ISA). It is offered in both Canadian and US dollars and is always available on the next day when investment opportunities arise.

Another attractive offer is the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), which is designed to help clients save money for different purposes. This account is found particularly attractive by Canadians who intend to save money for retirement.

The Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) of Dundee Bank of Canada help counteract market volatility and bring reliable returns. GICs are an essential component of the bank's investment portfolio. These financial vehicles help clients diversify assets and minimize the effect of market volatility. Dundee Bank's GICs offer dependable rates of return over a fixed period of time.

Even after the transfer of ownership, the bank still offers short and long term GICs and the Dundee Investments Savings Account. The support of the Bank of Nova Scotia holds a bright future for the bank. The banking entity will continue serving its clients, offering competitive financial products. In the future, the bank will also expand its services along with the policy of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Online Banking and Telephone Banking

The Dundee Bank of Canada offers both online and telephone banking. Online banking offers convenient banking that allows customers to access their accounts online. Account access over the Web offers customers a chance to inquire about their balance and account statements. It also allows them to transfer funds to other clients of the bank and pay bills on time.

Telephone banking allows customers to request a quick summary of their balance, a detailed account of their balance, transfer of funds, inquiry on transactions, change passwords, and inform of the current rates.

Client Support Center

The bank also has its own client support center employing trained specialists. They assist callers with their transactions, answer questions, and provide other important information regarding the bank's products and services.