Currency Trading Software

Currency trading has become an inseparable part of the lives of millions, if not billions of people all over the world. Wall Street brokers, bankers in the City of London, and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Beijing – all of these people need to keep a close eye on the constant fluctuations on the currency markets.

There are popular and easily accessible currency trading software solutions, all based on the Forex platform.

The first product to turn your attention to is FAP Turbo. This Forex-based robot is the ultimate hound on the currency market because it was designed as to snoop for the best currency exchange rates. Turbo’s innate profit-seeking skills are well complemented by its ability to automatically upgrade its database four times per hour. FAP Turbo is also capable of screening live trading results. This currency trading robot is the perfect software solution for people with low level of risk tolerance. It has been designed to constantly accumulate small profits and minimize losses. Finally, Turbo’s user-friendly interface makes it the best choice for currency trading neophytes, who are set to explore the magic world of online brokerage. If you purchase FAP Turbo, you will find a comprehensive user’s guide enclosed, accompanied by a video tutorial and a green number for 24/7 telephone support.

Another proposal you can look at is the Forex MegaDroid – the choice of the more experienced currency traders. They have already developed a certain appetite for more risky financial operations. According to its creators, the program combines AI with reversed collated time and price analysis, enabling it to predict short-term developments on the currency markets. In terms of short term predictions, MegaDroid foresees the situation on the currency market over the next two or four hours. The shortest-term forecast that most other related products could make is within the next twenty-four hours. For Forex brokers, traders who use automated currency trading aides are cheaters. Thus, their accounts could be shut down at any time. However, MegaDroid is smart enough to cover the traces of its online activity by avoiding pattern trades and therefore, it is practically undetectable by the Forex’s watchdogs. Some of the other strong points of this program include easy installation and maintenance and an initial trading balance as low as $5.

Finally, Forex Automoney is an easy-to-use, fully web-based currency trading program. This software allows you to start trading with just one US dollar. This is a uniquely low trading balance, considering that other similar products require a starting capital of at least $50. However, it should be kept in mind that a monthly membership fee of $99.90 is payable by all users of the program. Because Automoney is not a currency trading robot, its online activity should be constantly monitored by the user, which makes it slightly inferior to the two products above. Needless to say, you should get a reliable and secure internet connection as to be able to use the program. This software is perfect for people who want to trade from home such as women in maternity leave, pensioners and individuals with different mobility problems. Last but not least, the users of this program should open an US bank account, where their earnings will be deposited.