Credit Card Tips

Even though credit cards are very convenient and are part of our financial life, we still need to use them smart if we want to avoid paying more than we have to in interest and fees. We have discussed several ways to use your credit cards, which will benefit you and save you money.

The first credit card tip is – Don't carry a balance on your credit card. If you can pay all your credit card bills in full each month. If you really have to carry balance on the card, consider using cheaper borrowing alternatives like personal line of credit for example.

The second tip is – Do not take cash advances. With most credit card purchases you have grace interest free period, during which you can repay what you spent on the credit card. If you pay your credit card bills on time, you don't have to pay a single cent in interest charges. This is not the case with cash advances. With cash advances the interest is charged from the moment you get the cash advance until you have repaid it back in full. When taking cash advance the credit card issuer might charge you a service fee too. If you really have to get a cash advance then try to repay it back as soon as you can.

The third credit card tip is – Choose your credit card carefully. Don't get just any credit card, but do a thorough research before applying for one. Don't be fooled by the enticing no interest credit cards advertisements and reward programs. Choose a credit card which is right for you and you'll be able to easily manage.

The fourth tip is – Use pre-authorized payments to pay your credit card bills or pay them always on time. By using pre-authorized monthly credit card bill payments you are ensuring that your credit cards are paid on time and you won't be charged any interest. If you prefer to pay the bills manually (check or online payment), make sure you don't do it in the last possible moment, because you might be late and you'll have to pay interest. Credit card debt is one of the most expensive loans you can get.