Canadian Tire Triangle Credit Card Review

Canadian Tire Bank, a subsidiary and financial services arm of Canadian Tire, offers credit cards, insurance coverage, tax-free and high-interest savings accounts, and guaranteed investment certificates. Three types of cards are available to individual customers, of which the Canadian Tire Triangle Credit Card offers you the chance to earn rewards on everyday spending, including qualifying purchases at and outside of Canadian Tire. Below is how their rewards program works and how customers benefit from using the CT Triangle Credit Card.


With their Triangle Rewards program, you earn 1.5 percent in CT Money on grocery purchases, except for Walmart and Costco. While Canadian Tire doesn’t sell groceries, you collect CT Money on purchases at Longo’s, Sobeys, Metro, Loblaws, No Frills, and other supermarkets. Note that you only earn 1.5 percent on the first $12,000 after which you collect 0.5 percent in CT Money. While a rate of 0.5 percent looks like nothing to brag about, a number of major finance providers offer no-fee cards with 0.5 percent cash back. Considering the 4 percent rate on purchases at Canadian Tire, CT’s offer is one worth looking into. Purchases at participating stores earn 4 percent, including Hockey Experts, Sports Rousseau, Canadian Tire, Party City, and Sport Chek. You save big on camping gear, sports equipment, shoes, clothes, and more. Also, every time you fill up at participating Husky and Gas+ stations, you collect 5 cents per litre. Not only you collect points but the program is straightforward and easy to understand – 4 percent in CT Money equals 4 cent that you can redeem. Basically, this is much like how standard cash back cards work.

Redeeming Your Points

As far as redemptions go, CT Money can be redeemed from the cashier at L’Entrepôt du Hockey, Hockey Sports, Canadian Tire, Sports Rousseau, Atmosphere, and Sport Chek as well as at participating Sports Experts and Mark’s/L’Équipeur locations. CT Money can be redeemed online as well, and you can use your points to cover a portion or all of your purchases.

No-Interest Financing

Canadian Tire also offers a financing program that allows customers to finance big purchases through the CT Bank. You are offered no-interest, no-fee financing and 24 monthly payments for purchases worth $150 or more. For example, if you make a $200-purchase, you will pay just $8.33 a month. You get the chance to repay what you owe in small installments and more gradually, which is a big plus. No interest applies as long as you pay the minimum each month. However, you will be charged interest on late and missed payments. Also, the equal payments option is only offered at CT locations and their affiliated retailers. It is worth mentioning that you can finance both in-store and online purchases at a number of participating retailers, including Mark’s, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, Party City, and Hockey Life. Financing is only offered for in-store purchases from Le Trio Hockey, Hockey Experts, and Sports Rousseau.

Added Perks

In addition to the CT Rewards Program, customers enjoy access to giveaways, contests, member-only events, and personalized offers based on what they need. The types of offers you get include Spend & Get and bonus types and change weekly. As they expire, it is important to check the expiry date. On the good side, there is no limit on the number of offers that you can combine and stack. With the Triangle app, you can view all exclusive offers and activate the ones you are interested in. With many useful functionalities, you can pay your statement, view your transactions and balance, and manage your card and loyalty accounts. Additionally, customers enjoy 24/7 customer support, secure paperless statements, and no-receipt returns. An added benefit is the fact that you can pay bills like insurance premiums, tuition expenses, property taxes, and hydro bills that you don’t normally pay with a standard card. Note that using this option is only worth it if you can pay your balance in full each month or you will incur hefty interest.


  • Interest rate: 19.99 percent
  • Cash advances and balance transfers: 22.99 percent
  • Annual fee: none
  • No income requirement

The fact that you don’t pay an annual fee and there is no minimum income requirement makes this card easy to get and accessible. As there is no specific pay or income to qualify, this card is within reach of many Canadians. While the Triangle Elite Card comes with a lot more perks and benefits, it also has a high income requirement (you need to have an annual income of $80,000 or more to qualify).

How to Apply

To be eligible to apply for the Canadian Tire Triangle Card, you must be employed or retired, of the age of majority in the territory or province where you reside, and a Canadian citizen or resident. You can apply online via the Canadian Tire website and will need to provide your financial, residential, and personal information. If you get approved, it takes 5 – 7 business days to receive your physical card.

Final Words

As one of Canada’s biggest retailers with more than 500 store locations, it is easy to take advantage of Canadian Tire’s rewards program. You earn points on a wide array of items, including garden and lawn tools, outdoor living products, home décor, outdoor lighting and storage, power equipment, and more. If you frequently shop at Canadian Tire or their affiliated stores, you get the chance to collect CT Money faster and enjoy exclusive offers and free stuff from their extensive product catalogue. To get the most of their rewards program, you can collect points when you shop in-store and online.