CIBC Investors Edge

CIBC Investor's Edge is the direct investing service from CIBC. CIBC Investor's Edge allows Canadians to directly invest their capital. CIBC Investor's Edge clients can trade and hold both Canadian and US stocks and options, Canadian Mutual Funds, a variety of fixed income investments, currencies and precious metal certificates.

CIBC Investor's Edge Account Types

CIBC Investor's Edge offers many different account types including cash and margin investing accounts, RRSP accounts, business investing accounts, and more. Opening Investor's Edge account is free, but there might be yearly maintenance fees in some cases.

CIBC Investor's Edge Investment Products

Canadian investors can put their capital to work in many asset classes with your CIBC Investor's Edge account. The Investor's Edge accounts allow for trading of Canadian and US stocks; Canadian and US bonds; T-Bills, GICs, precious metal certificates (gold and silver certificates of ownership) and Canadian Mutual Funds..

How to invest with CIBC Investor's Edge?

  • Online The easiest way to manage your CIBC Investor's Edge account is online through the CIBC Online Banking & Investing Website. You can buy and sell stocks, options, mutual funds and other financial instruments anytime you want and you only need an Internet connection.

  • Phone You can invest by using the CIBC Investor's Edge Automated Telephone Service.

  • Investment Representative The last Investor's Edge investing option is to work with a CIBC Investor's Edge Investment Representative.

CIBC Investor's Edge is a perfect solution for Canadians and Canadian businesses interested in fully controlling their investments. CIBC Investor's Edge is a relatively inexpensive investment alternative, which is practical and easy to use.