Business Development Bank of Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada or BDC is a government-run corporation that is fully owned by the Government of Canada. The bank is a leader in the delivery of financial and consulting services to small businesses in Canada that are focused on exporting and technology. The bank offers its services to both private and public sector institutions.

Brief History

The Business Development Bank of Canada started as the Industrial Development Bank way back in 1944. The IDB Act of 1944 was later amended between 1952 and 1964. By 1964, the bank started diversifying its services to include planning, training, and counseling for small business owners. In 1975, the bank was replaced by the Federal Business Development Bank. In 1983, an Investment Banking Division for the bank was created. It was only in 1995 that the Business Development Bank of Canada Act led to the renaming of the bank.

Governance and Management

The BDC functions under the governance of an independent Board of Directors who see to it so that the bank maintains high standards in corporate governance. There are several members of the board who operate in key locations in Canada. There are also a variety of committees that assist the Board in overseeing these standards. These committees include divisions under human resource, audit, governance, risk, etc. The bank is also managed by a management team that is tasked with implementing business strategies and overseeing the daily operations under the supervision of the CEO. Every five years, the bank is required to submit an annual report to the Government of Canada and outline its objectives, purposes and expected outcomes.


To bring its various services to the citizens of Canada, the bank has several branches in key cities in the different provinces in Canada. The body has several branches in the major cities of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and other big provinces.

Services and Solutions

BDC offers to customers different financial services and solutions. First, the bank does not only offer financial services, but provides counseling, training, and planning. Investments are not worth the money if not planned appropriately. The business owners need to be trained to plan out and implement strategies in order to come up with a successful business. When the bank is certain that the business has a potential to succeed and grow, it can offer financial services.

BDC offers financing for real estate. This service includes the purchase of land, the construction of new buildings, and the improvement of real estate properties. It offers financing for the purchase of equipment and machinery as well. The bank provides start-up financing for the marketing and other start-up cost of businesses, including the purchase of franchise. This financing helps business expansion plans on both, domestic and international markets. In addition, the bank offers financial services for projects that do not involve tangible assets.

The bank's services and solutions are designed to protect the cash flow of customers. Moreover, the repayment options are structured to fit any type of business.